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our story

Director Michael Fallon established a tournament team known as the CTX Lynx in the summer of 2019. After one season, Coach Fallon partnered with Coach Mike Robertson of the CTX Knights Basketball Academy to form a girls program known as the CTX Lady Knights. We have grown from one tournament team to five over two years. Our mission is to serve players of all skill levels as they develop their love for the game by showing them the importance of EFFORT and ATTITUDE on the court and in their everyday lives.

Meet our Team


Michael Fallon

What we provide


Player Development

At CTX, we are firm believers in playing athletes at their skill level. Elite teams will compete at a higher level than our select teams in order to provide quality reps for all athletes. We believe in giving every girl an opportunity to play basketball if they want to learn the game and provide teams at all skill levels.


personal training

We offer 1-on-1 and group training outside of our regular practice times for any girl that would like additional work. Our trainings are skill specific and our groups are capped to ensure all players are able to maximize their training time.




Our staff is dedicated to helping girls on our Elite travel teams who have hopes of playing at the next level. While we cannot promise any offers, scholarships, or spots at any college, we guarantee to utilize all avenues to get our girls in the best situation possible for their exposure. 

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