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We offer several different teams based on age and skill level

All levels will be player development focused with an emphasis on skills training.

Development teams

-1-2 tournaments during Fall season / 3-4 tournaments during spring/summer

-Best for players just beginning their club journey

-More competitive than rec league but less competitive than elite teams

Local / Regional teams

-2-4 tournaments during Fall season / 6-8 tournaments during spring/summer

-Players who can compete at their grade/age level and possibly one grade up

-Best for players who need a little work and are willing to learn!

Elite / Travel teams

-Spring/Summer only. 8-10 high level tournaments including evaluation period

-Best for players who can compete against elite competition at their grade level or one to two grades up and/or play varsity level for their high school teams

-Elite teams will play in live period events (April 19 -21; May 17-19; July 12-15; July 19-22)

-Elite teams will have recruiting services included in their season fees (16U & 17U)

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